Hi, I'm faigy

I'm a Melrose Healing Practitioner. Ever since I've certified as an SRTP (Self-Regulation Training Practitioner), my life, and the life of my clients have been greatly enhanced. I started out as a nutrition coach, helping my clients figure out their eating, and targeting the source of their abnormal eating behaviors. When I met Reggie and SRT, I found an easier, softer way.

What is SRT?

SRT is all about tuning into our physical body with a set of tools that helps us release stress, trauma, and overload as well as  creating new healthy patterns. It is a completely body-based therapy that doesn't require much talk in order to experience relief. Through SRT, clients form new, positive habits and behaviors in a light and natural way.

Work Philosophy

I believe that it is crucial to listen to each client’s unspoken language in order to help them uncover their beauty and ability within. I aim to create a secure environment where you can get relief and clarity and be empowered to succeed. I will guide you in self-regulation techniques to help you achieve sustainable balance in mind, body and spirit.


How I Can

Help You

Target specific self-defeating behaviors like overeating or yo yo dieting. Work with SRT body-based technique to heal in a deeper way. Gain peace and clarity while develo...
Combination Session
1 hr 25 min