Hi, I'm faigy

I'm a Melrose Healing Practitioner. Ever since I've certified as an SRTP (Self-Regulation Training Practitioner), my life, and the life of my clients have been greatly enhanced. I started out as a nutrition coach, helping my clients figure out their eating, and targeting the source of their abnormal eating behaviors. When I met Reggie and SRT, I found an easier, softer way. With Somatic Healing and Self Regulation Training we get to really be in touch with our felt sense and make intuitive choices.  

What is SRT?

SRT is all about tuning into our physical body with a set of tools that helps us release stress, trauma, and overload as well as  creating new healthy patterns. It is a completely body-based therapy that doesn't require much talk in order to experience relief. Through SRT, clients form new, positive habits and behaviors in a light and natural way.

Work Philosophy

I believe that it is crucial to listen to each client’s unspoken language in order to help them uncover their beauty and ability within. I aim to create a secure environment where you can get relief and clarity and be empowered to succeed. I will guide you in self-regulation techniques to help you achieve sustainable balance in mind, body and spirit.

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